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We ship rare books from the Arctic - worldwide

NEW: 50 Original work-in-progress sketches from the artist - to the next 50 orders

The first 350 signed preorders have been delivered to 20 different countries:  

This limited edition of Øyvind Lauvdahls «Ontography. A catalogue (of being!)» is a dark treat!

These books can only be purchased here.

Payment by Pay-Pal or credit card. Delivered by DHL Express. From the northern part of Norway, above the arctic circle. 

Øyvind Lauvdahl's o̶n̶t̶o̶graphic a̶n̶t̶i̶novel "Ontography" is an exploration of failure, alienation, authenticity, and being. It's also an edited assemblage of works originally posted on the Instagram account @lauvdahl, a collection of cartoons, and a series of hardcover art books. 

Limited edition. 

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An artist on matters that matter and doesn´t matter


Øyvind Lauvdahl has been drawing for the last 25 years. He lives in Misvær, Nordland county, Northern Norway. The Ontography series is not at all his first books, but the first to be published by Utenfor Allfarvei Forlag. 

Our regular (Norwegian) website serves our customers in Norway, in addition to our books being available in any bookstore around the country from mid MARCH. It became apparent that we needed to set up a site that will let Øyvind Lauvdahls 74.000 (and counting) followers have a chance to order his masterpieces on printed matter.

The 100 first earlybirds (ordering all 3 books) will receive an exclusive hand drawn sketch (work-in-progress) by Øyvind. The books will be shipped from Arctic Norway Mid MARCH 2019. DHL EXPRESS delivers from door to door in an impressive speed, considering where we deliver from. 

We are proud to publish this first edition of his «catalogues of being», Ontography 1-3, just the way Øyvind wants these books to look. 

We know that Øyvind has many followers and fans, so here you are: You are welcome to order one, two or three books. Each containing 150 of a total of 450 images. Dark as hell. And spot on. 

-Veronica Melå, editor. 

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Utenfor Allfarvei Forlag (in English this translates to «off the Beaten Track Publishing») is an itsybitsy teenie weenie publisher from Arctic Norway. If you are ordering books from our webshop they will be shipped off from above the Arctic Circle and to you, wherever you are. It might take a few days as Rudolf and his crew aren´t globetrotters, usually. But they always deliver! Although small, we take pride in delivering quality from the edge of the world. Most of our books are in Norwegian. The Lauvdahl series, Ontography: a catalogue (of being!) is hand drawn and written, and all the text is in English. The images are -!- what you see. Enjoy.

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