Lauvdahl + Converse + Tyler the Creator

Congratulations to Øyvind with the launch of these brand new Converse editions, pretty cool! It is a shame then, that the books aren´t already out in the market. Due to an unforeseen delay at the printer we are running 3 weeks after schedule! But for all of those who have ordered we are giving you the option to still wait, and keep the original sketch from Øyvind as a treat, or have a full refund. It is up to you. There are still a few sketches left, as they go to the first 100 who are ordering all 3 books. Because of the delay, we will add a supercool tote bag with Øyvinds design, for free. Again, sorry for the delay. And, it is reasonable to assume that Øyvind will reach an even bigger crowd after the Tyler-Converse-thing... So, hold on to your order. Or contact us at for a refund.

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