Books in print - delivery date 15th of March. Due to already described circumstances the launch of the Ontography series were delayed this winter. But now they are own their way, and we are happy to announce that launch date will be the 15th of March. Customers who have already ordered 1-3 copies will get a tote bag as a token of gratitude for patience from us. If you have ordered all 3 books - you will get an original from Mr. Lauvdahl himself (the first 100 orders). If you have ticked off the box for signed edition, the books will be signed. Orders after the 1st of March will not have this option. Of practical reasons the only way to get a signed copy after this date is to meet the artist in person. From launch date the books will be available in any Norwegian bookstore or webshop dealing with books. We hope you will help us get the word out that the amazing work of Øyvind Lauvdahl is available on paper – it is worth it. Best regards,

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